5-2004m.mid - [No title yet]
- [No title yet]
1-2004c.mid - [No title yet]
6-2003.mid -- [No title yet]
7-2002-ca.mid -- Oh the Wather
-- Reindeer Dance
-- Lyrics About Love
oct2001b.mid -- Mechanical Gryphon
march2e.mid -- Triumphal Dance
2-2001d.mid -- In Love and War
sapphires.mid -- Like Twin Sapphires Were Her Eyes (remix)
-- Tomorrow's Winter
11-2000g.mid -- Tower Ascending
4-2001.mid -- Try With Me
ronda1.mid -- Für Ronda
ppstrut.mid -- Pretty Punk Strut
hodja.mid -- Hodja (extended remix)
aran3b.mid -- Dance of the Silver Swan (remix)

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Optimized for reproduction with SoundBlaster sound card. 

arangoth2.mid -- Dockworkers' Dance (remix)
-- Father's Day March (for band organ)
-- Janissary Hop
9-3-00e.mid -- Restaurant Inspector
8-3-00.mid -- He Who Has Been Bitten By a Snake Fears a Piece of String
8-3-00a.mid -- Make Haste, Make Haste!
bdi.mid -- The Black Dragon Inn
4-14-00d.mid -- Zotika
butterflies.mid -- I Get Butterflies (In My Stomach -- remix)
2-19-00b.mid -- The Magic Flight
2-20-00a.mid -- Sport in the Meadow
knightballad.mid -- The Ballad of Bobby Knight (long & repetitive)
1phonozoic.mid -- The Phonozoic Rag

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