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Unless your soundcard is identical to whatever mine was when I created these a couple computers ago, the percussion and many of the voices probably won't sound as intended.  In particular, I've noticed that the "bottle-blow" voice varies a lot, and I've marked with an asterisk (*) those files that rely heavily on that voice for percussion.  On the other hand, I've indicated in bold type those pieces I'd recommend first.   Enjoy!

    mar31a.mid -- "Suite for MIDI" Part Four.  Good introduction to my "experimental" genre!
    cncrto.mid -- Concerto No. 1 for MIDI (long)
    ditdit3.mid -- March of the Ants.
    ltr7.mid -- Leturian Court Music.
    soro.mid -- Creep, My Larva.
    lixon.mid -- "Suite for MIDI" Part Six.  "Lixonia." 
    yowza14.mid* -- "Suite for MIDI" Part One.  Rather odd, frankly; even odder if your soundcard is unlike mine.
    19feb.mid* -- "Suite for MIDI" Part Three.  Could be the theme-tune to a science fiction series.  
    prsph.mid -- The Persephone.
    test.mid -- My first-ever MIDI attempt (1997).
    13nov.mid -- Untitled.
    calmsong.mid -- "Calm Song"



Last Updated October 17, 1999.

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