Phonozoic Text Archive Compilation

A Collection of Documents on Experimental French Phonograph Designs, 1877-1882,
selected by Ray Wile

While examining the printed record of two court cases (American Graphophone Co. vs. United States Phonograph Co.; American Graphophone Co. vs. Berliner Gramophone Co.), phonographic scholar Ray Wile discovered these materials documenting early speculation about methods of sound recording by Charles Cros and other French inventors.    

Charles Cros and his "Phonographe" or "Paléophone"

The Lambrigot phonograph, as described by Le Comte Th. du Moncel, and by Engineering.

The Gamard phonograph, as described by Le Comte Th. du Moncel.

The Carbonel phonograph, as described by the Telegraphic Journal, and by Cosmos.

The Delecheneau phonograph, as described in Comptes Rendus.