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Our Phonograph Wedding

Our Phonograph Wedding
Photograph (c) 2006 Bethany G. Maas

We got married on June 24, 2006, in Beck Chapel (on the campus of Indiana University), and in keeping with our interests, we found a prominent place in the event for the phonograph!  First of all, it played the processional: a wax cylinder of me playing the Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin on the accordion, recorded earlier that morning by our obliging phonographer, Martin Fisher.  A little later, Martin recorded our vows on the phonograph -- and then played them back!  The recessional was Mendelssohn's Wedding March on Albany Indestructible 1200, kindly furnished by Bill Klinger (you can hear another copy of this cylinder here).  Finally, our wedding cake was designed to look like a gramophone.

Gramophone cake
Photograph (c) 2006 Bethany G. Maas




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