Phonozoic Text Archive, Document 116

Imprints of Italian Speech on the Phonograph

Nature, Vol XXI, November 6, 1879, p. 21.

THE forms produced in the phonograph by utterance of the Italian alphabet are studied in a recent paper by Signor Fautrier (Atti del Aten. Ven. [3], I., 1879).  The vowels uttered in the A note of the violin (435 vibrations) gave generally three-pointed groups, presenting certain differences.  With regard to the consonants, it appeared that with the exception of l, m, n, and r, which give characteristic impressions, they only modify the form of the impression of the following vowel, and especially at its limits.  Signor Fautrier adds some general considerations, especially on the intensity of the “klangs” given by the phonograph, and the theoretical significance of the apparatus.