Phonozoic Text Archive, Document 076

"The Funny Phonograph.  An Actor's Scheme for a Grand Operatic Concert--Edison Makes one More Invention," St. Louis Evening Post, April 29, 1878, p. 1

NEW YORK, April 29. -- Kiralfy, the actor, is in ecstacies over the phonograph, and wants Prof. Edison to make him forty or fifty large cylinders, which he proposes to take to Paris.  After securing the finest musical performers, each one will be invited to play to different diaphragms and the notes are to be recorded by cylinders.  The greatest prime donne, tenors, contraltos and bassos are to sing and [have] their words and melody transcribed by the phonograph.  After securing copper matrices he proposes to bring the cylinders to this city and put them on the stage of the Academy of Music.  They can be run by a Baxter engine a whole evening with fifteen cents' worth of coal and an opera given as produced in Paris without a musician or a cantatrice.  Edison has now some new inventions on hand, including a new musical telephone very astonishing, and an electric instrument that makes corkheaded needles go through the greatest military maneuevers.