Phonozoic Text Archive, Document 008

"Phonograph Mars a Soiree.  Paris Husband Will Use Record Against Wife Accused of Improprieties."  Dated PARIS, Jan. 6. Chicago Sunday Tribune, January 7, 1906, III:2.

A phonograph intended to aid in entertaining recently marred a soiree given at the Partant home.  Mme. Partant sang for the guests, and her husband then brought out a box of phonograph cylinders.  He took one labeled "Comic Song," and started the instrument, but instead of a comic song the machine began to grind out the famous duet from "Romeo and Juliet," sung by Mme. Partant and M. Paul Carmin.

The duet was interlarded with such remarks as: "O, you little darling!"   "Yes, dear!"  "Yes, Paul, my precious!"  And the voice of Paul was heard replying, "Dearest Amélie--(the wife's name)--you are a love-bird!"

A painful scene ensued, and as the guests left hurriedly, M. Partant sent for the police, and went with his wife, Carmin, and the phonograph to the office of the nearest magistrate, where he registered a prosecution against "the singers," and left the phonograph as proof.

It is said that Mme. Partant and M. Paul Carmin had been in the habit of singing duets and of taking records on phonograph cylinders, which Carmin took away with him.  He had left one by mistake, and the husband had used it by the merest accident.