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Each of the articles, press releases, reviews, and audio or video presentations listed below discusses a project or publication with which I've been involved in some way and/or incorporates me talking about something. Accuracy varies: caveat lector (vel auditor).


Research about the motion sequence photography of James Ross of Edinburgh

The playback of early heartbeat and pulse records (collaboration with Dario Robleto)

Release, reception, and reviews of Pictures of Sound: One Thousand Years of Educed Audio

Discovery and playback of an ink-on-paper print of Emile Berliner's late 1889 gramophone recording of "Der Handschuh"

Identification and public release of recordings of Otto von Bismarck and Helmuth von Moltke at Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Study and contextualization of experimental sound recordings of the Volta Laboratory played back and released through a collaboration of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the Library of Congress

Identification and public release of a talking doll cylinder from 1888 at Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Indiana University Bloomington Media Preservation Survey

First Sounds initiative releases new information about Scott phonautograms, including the discovery that our initial playback of "Au Clair de la Lune" was at twice the correct speed, and that the recording was not of a young girl but—probably—of Scott's own voice

The release of (and research behind) Debate '08: Taft and Bryan Campaign on the Edison Phonograph

First Sounds initiative's discovery and playback of Scott's phonautogram of "Au Clair de la Lune," as recorded on 9 April 1860

Actionable Offenses: Indecent Phonograph Recordings from the 1890s

Demonstration of wax cylinder recording with Martin Fisher



Yahoo 2 June 2009


2 October 2015: Sound it out: the (sometimes creepy) history of the talking machineTodd Bookman, The Pulse, WHYY, Philadelphia

17 May 2015: Total Harmonic Distraction Podcast #6Peter Spiegel

3 February 2014: Stylus: A Brief History of the WaveformWBUR, Boston

24 January 2014: Hoosier Could Make Grammy HistoryEric Halvorson, WISH TV, Indianapolis

22 January 2014: Appearing Act: Sounds Thought To Be Gone Can Be Heard AgainJames Gray, Indiana Public Media

24 November 2013: De verloren plaatLemke Kraan, Holland Doc Radio, Radio 1, Netherlands

11 August 2013: Interview with Ray Steele, Weekend Indiana, WIBC, Indianapolis

5 August 2013: Sounds AboundBig Picture Science, SETI Institute (repeated 3 November 2014)

24 April 2013: Smithsonian discovers Alexander Graham Bell recording. "The cardboard disc was dated April 15, 1885 and first discovered by an Indiana University sound historian."—Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News

16 April 2013: Wenn Bilder tönenArndt Peltner, Sendungsporträt, Radio SRF (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen); also 23 April 2013 as Klang aus Bildern: Rekonstruktion von alten Grammophon-Aufnahmen, Radiofeuilleton: Elektronische Welten, Deutschlandradio Kultur.

5 April 2013: Using technology to bring lost sound back to lifeinterview by Patt Morrison, Off-Ramp, Southern California Public Radio

14 January 2013: A la recherche du son perduRadio Télévision Suisse

28 June 2012: Oldest sound recording resurrected (video)—Reuters

26 June 2012: IU Historian Recreates Oldest Gramophone Record From PrintMia Partlow, WFIU / Indiana Public Media

June 2012: Feaster revives oldest audio recordings (video)—Indiana University Communications; also on YouTube

6 January 2012: Phonautogram, with David Giovannoni and Carl Haber, Studio 360, NPR

16 June 2011: Resurrecting Voices or Finding Forgotten Home Recordings, Artisan Ancestors podcast (Episode 24) with Jon Kay

24 April 2011: Early Recording Technology, Theremin, Scopes Monkey Choir (Episode 26)

2010: 75th Anniversary Special, Talking Books—Insight Radio (station of the Royal National Institute of Blind People)

2010: Lightning in a Bottle, produced by Chris Trimmer, Cognitive Dissonance, CFRC (sound file hosted by the Third Coast International Audio Festival)

15 June 2009: Oldest Sound Recording (video)Herald-Times News Room, via YouTube

1 June 2009: Reconsidering Earliest-Known Recording, interview by Robert Siegel, together with David Giovannoni—All Things Considered, NPR

1 November 2008: David Rabin, The Presidential Debates of '08—1908, That IsAll Things Considered, NPR

4 April 2008: 1860 "Phonautograph" is Earliest Known Recording, interview by Ira Flatow—Talk of the Nation, NPR

27 March 2008:Sound Recording Predates Edison Phonograph, interview by Laura Sydell, together with David Giovannoni—All Things Considered, NPR

16 June 2007: Old, Lewd Recordings Released On CD, interview by John Ydstie, together with David Giovannoni—Weekend Edition, NPR

23 January 2007: Researching Cal Stewart, Part 2, interview with Jerry Fabris—Thomas Edison's Attic, WFMU

9 January 2007: Researching Cal Stewart, Part 1, interview with Jerry Fabris—Thomas Edison's Attic, WFMU

20 April 2006: Laura Sydell, Early Reenactment Captured Horror of 1906 QuakeMorning Edition, NPR





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